Sagittarius woman and sagittarius man marriage compatibility

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Fire signs are all about actions. In fact, they often ditch language, choosing gestures and behavior to represent how they feel about one another. They both dive in headfirst, moving the relationship forward quickly. These two stir each other up, bringing out the best in one another. The Sagittarius man and Leo woman can both be larger than life. They differ in the way that they express their boldness, though. The Sagittarius man has almost no ego. The Leo woman has one of the biggest egos in the zodiac. She lives to be adored, and she enjoys having a devoted fan base.

She also seeks pleasure, which makes her relationship with the Sagittarius man so fiery.

Libra And Sagittarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Marriage

But she needs more recognition and attention than her man does. These two fire signs plow forward with abandon, and they have strong personalities. However, they may want different things out of life. The Sagittarius man has a mutable sign.

This means that he adapts to change easily. In the case of the Sagittarius, he seeks out change. He is comfortable with chaos and excitement. Monotony and boredom make him ill at ease. On the other hand, the Leo woman has a fixed sign.

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She holds her beliefs firmly, and she is most comfortable when she is settled and rooted. No matter how much he loves a woman, he prizes his freedom.


The thought of moving in together, buying a home and having children can be unnerving. He would have to make provisions for plenty of independence and travel if he decided to get married and settle down. The Leo woman lives for the idea of raising a family. The Sagittarius man is intellectual and enjoys thinking about complex ideas and interesting philosophies.

You can always get him to change his mind if you say the right thing. When she gets something in her head, it takes a lot of effort for her to shift her mindset. In a relationship, the Leo woman might often try to get the Sagittarius to see things from her point of view. If she succeeds, she can have the home, family and commitment that she wants. The Leo woman wants someone to give her affection and boost her up. Is the Sagittarius too distracted to fulfill this need?

Fortunately, he is a protective person.

What a Sagittarius Man Looks for in a Woman | LoveToKnow

However, he does have a way of being devoted to his lover as though she is one of his adventures. This appeases the Leo woman, who needs that kind of attention. Does the Leo woman seek out comfort too much to be a good partner for the Sagittarius? Leos can be jealous and possessive. This could happen a good bit of the time if the Sagittarius is off doing his own thing. The Leo woman should support her Sagittarius man without trying to constrain him.

The Sagittarius-Sagittarius pair can create a lasting global effect when they work together for the great good of society. When managing a charity company or relief effort, you want the Archer to take the lead.

Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman

Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! When two Sagittarians are in bed, they will sexually please each other in the best possible manner. But a breakup is on the cards when they refuse to stay together and wander about. The major thing that will lack in a Sagittarius Man Sagittarius Woman friendship is excitement.

This might be hard to understand when they are both very creative and love to be out of the house together. What the Sagittarius needs is a new perspective in order to create more ideas. They love conversations with a Virgo or Libra who think more analytically but are able to understand the sentimental part of life.

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The Sagittarius male and female can be very possessive and controlling. They demand faithfulness from their partners even though this is one of their main flaws. How can a Sagittarius Man Sagittarius Woman marriage stick together when they want to be out and about and most likely with different members of the Zodiac sign? Test Now! The hardest part of this relationship will come from their inability to seek commitment.

At least with a Libra Woman she will want to settle down eventually but with both Sagittarius partners they will have no regards for a relationship. They both understand the potential of being bound to each other and not being able to go their own ways. Most likely they will have different interests because a Sagittarius person can either be interested in exploring the world or exploring the depths of other people.